Brown Tones ‘90s Supermodel Inspired Makeup Look

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For this blog post, I wanted to focus on a particular makeup theme that still inspires my makeup looks to this day. The ’90s Supermodel Look, brought to you by ‘The Trinity’ of supermodels Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington respectively. The ’90s supermodel era embodied the sculpted, magnificence and sultriness in Makeup. All matte, all defined and all bronzed – brown tones were all the rage when it came to really enhancing your inner cat-eyed bombshell, a timeless look that soon paved the way for a lot of the shapes/styles we see in makeup today, (besides drag in the ’90s of course ♥️).

In my rendition of the classic style, I focused on the contour of the skin and the eyes (as blended in as I could get it), the liner and the sort of, one tone look to the skin without looking too flat in the face with my foundation. I also combed through my brows with a lighter brown shade to lighten them a little for a more dated effect (optional) but I liked how it turned out. This method can really change the way your entire face looks (be warned, lol) but it was so much fun! ^-^




A black pencil (used to lightly feather in my brows)

TooFaced Eyeshadow In Panther to fill in more sparse areas

L’Oréal True Match Foundation to lighten them

Used the Nip+Fab Contour Palette in Dark as eyeshadows to enhance, define and contour the eyes. Shaded in a little higher than my natural crease definition.

I then went in with “Tempera” from the Modern Renaissance Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette to lift the shadow on the middle of the lids to the inner corners of the eyes.


This part was pretty straightforward considering I did most of the work using different tones of brown eyeshadow. This step definitely defined the eyes since it was the only black that I used on the eyes (+mascara).



My current fave: Poundland (purple packaging)


Nip+Fab Illuminator in “Dark Golden”

Foundation- Fenty Beauty Foundation in 440

Concealer/Highlight- Fenty Beauty Foundation in 440 mixed in with Elizabeth Arden Creme Foundation in Ivory 01 (a tiny bit)


RCMA No Colour Powder (Still a fave and I absolutely love the blurring effect this gives, however, if you’re looking for a powder that will keep you matte all day… this isn’t the one ^-^)

Nip+Fab Contour Palette “Dark” (I legit used all the 6 shades including this bright orange as a blush!)

Added blusher-

Sleek Blush Palette in “Sugar”


You all may have seen me talk about this method here and there, but I actually used a brown pencil from Elizabeth Arden, applied a nude lipstick from Primark and topped it off with my concealer of choice to really achieve that pouty, skin-toned nude result.

I hope this post gives you a little inspo for your looks this Spring-Summer, I’m currently loving this creative expansion that nostalgic images are bringing in a lot of our modern looks!

Is this a look that you’d wear, will wear or have already have worn? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to know!

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Hi everyone!
I know I’m probably the last person on earth to do a review on the Fenty Beauty foundation, but I still thought it would be nice to let you how I liked this product, how I use it and when I particularly like to wear this foundation.
Along with this review is a quick and easy mauve-toned makeup look  I think will be perfect for this spring!


Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation, I’m in shade 440
Burberry Face Glow / Illuminator Primer
Illamasqua Matte Lipstick “Growl”
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
MAC Mineralize Skinfinsh Powder in “Deep Dark”
Sleek Bronze Block “Dark”
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer “NW45”
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick “Chestnut”

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Sleek Bronze Block “Dark” –

Sleek Contour Kit “Medium” –

L’Oreal True Match Foundation “Cappucino” –

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer “NW45” –

L’Oreal True Match Powder Compact –

ELF Cosmetics Lengthening Mascara –

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick “Chestnut” –

RCMA No Color Powder –…


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How To Pull Off Any Bold Lip This Spring!

Happy weekend everyone!

Spring is finally here, (well, kinda lol) and this season is all about experimenting with the new, unusual and fresh colours in lipsticks, eyeshadows and even blushes!

I decided to dedicate this post to a question I’d been receiving a lot lately: How do you pull off a bold lip?

Simple right? well, although it may seem as easy as it sounds, a lot of the times I’d have people telling me they don’t wear bold lips, not because they don’t like them, but they feel as though they call pull it off. For a very long time, I felt like I couldn’t wear a bold lip – and believe me, it took some time for me to fully embrace wearing a bold colour whilst still feeling like myself.

Here are a few tips that I found over-time, helped me gain the confidence to pull off any lip colour without hesitation!

  • Prep the Lips

Its always best to have a fresh, clean canvas by gently exfoliating the skin before any makeup/lip application. This will ensure that whatever lip colour you wear, your lips are well prepped prior to lipstick!

  •  Start With Traditional Lipsticks!

I know, I know, its so old school nowadays but trust me when I say that you can never go wrong with a traditional tube of lipstick especially when trying out a new bold colour. With tube lipsticks, you actually have more control over not only how you want to apply it but how much of the product you’d like to start off with first – the simpler, the better and with tube lipsticks, you can go all out in experimenting and collect until you find that classic bold lip colour that you love.

  • Finesse the Lip Application

There are a number of different ways to applying lipstick, but whilst we’re on the topic of traditional lipsticks (and because I did use a lipstick in this editorial) I’d say that the best way to apply a lipstick is… from the tube ^-^ yup, no need for four different shades of lipliners, no overlining (unless that’s like, your thing then you go girl, that’s completely fine!), no complications – just you, your lipstick and your concentration is all you need with this technique!

Using the sharp end of your lipstick as a liner first, apply it around the perimeter of the mouth as if you’re using a lip pencil. The reason why this method is almost better than applying a darker lip-pencil first is that by applying the lipstick, this way keeps the application neat and true-to-colour! Apply another line layer right on top of the natural shape of your lips – once that shape is made, slowly fill them in and voilá! It could also help if you invest in a good quality lipstick for the sake of pigment and comfortability – there are loads to choose from but I personally like Makeup Forever’s lipsticks and Tanya Burr’s Lipstick range (gorgeous packaging too!)

  • The Clean Cut Finish 

Now, in no way is this even a lipstick secret although I do sometimes feel like this step is overlooked, and that is to use the smallest flat, synthetic eyeshadow brush you own with a tiny bit of your foundation and use the duo to clean up the sides/edges of your lips as a reverse lip liner. I’m not over exaggerating when I say that this changed my life once I figured out how to use this technique for my lips. This is what creates that nice, clean, sophisticated and sharp finish to all of my lip colours including natural/nude lipsticks!

  • Own IT

I know that I sometimes find myself over-analyzing and spending too much time trying to perfect my lipstick of which there isn’t anything wrong with checking, but all in all its about how YOU approach your look before anyone else. Please do not let anyone make you feel like you can’t wear any lip shade, as I am here to tell you that you can pull off ANY lip colour/makeup look for that matter! Makeup is art, its fun! And if you’re enjoying your bubblegum pink lip moment, you’ve just gracefully pulled off a lip colour some would never dare to wear! And that’s the secret 😉


FOUNDATION – Loreal True Match Super Blendable in 8N Cappucino

CONCEALER – MAC Select Cover-Up concealer

POWDER – Loreal True Match Super Blendable Powder (underneath the eyes, to brighten)

BRONZER/BLUSH – Sleek Bronze Block in Dark

HIGHLIGHT – Any cream highlighter will do, mine is, unfortunately, unbranded but I like to use a fluffy blush brush to apply the product to the tops of my cheekbones – this method does not move my foundation or concealer!

LINER – Poundland (surprisingly good! lasts ages and I’m on my second purchase)

MASCARA – Poundland (I’m not joking when I say that this product actually lengthens my lashes!)

LIP – Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense in 36 (no lip liner used! ^-^)

Hope this post gives you some tips/inspo on rocking a bold lip this spring! I’d love to know your comments/thoughts on this look!

This makeup look is actually inspired by CHANEL’s Spring-Summer 2018 Pré-Collection promo shoot featuring Camille Hurel 


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I mentioned in a post last year that Purple shadows had slowly become one of my most favourite colours to work with on the eyes. For this look, pastel purple is the star of the show!

Trend Alert! 

Expect to see more pastel-toned eyeshadows with a natural skin finish this coming Spring. From, pastel blues, greens, pinks, yellows, purples, you name it, all of the above! Nonetheless, these colours bring a more youthful and fun dynamic to makeup, allowing you to create the most natural, ethereal or even dramatic looks!

I’ve clearly gone for a dramatic, monochromatic style today. Inspired by the Doe-eyed winged liner era of the 50s, with a pastel-purple twist ^^.


Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset6252D64D-6E32-4B1A-A18A-277765ABD459

Products Used:

Foundation – Fenty Beauty in 440

Concealer – Elizabeth Arden Foundation mixed with Fenty Beauty Foundation for a natural finish

Powder – RCMA No Color Powder + L’Oréal True Match Powder Compact (applied slightly more to a matte finish)

Bronzer – Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in “Chestnut

Lips – L’Oréal x Balmain Lipstick in “Fever”

Eyes – okay so the eyeshadows I used for this look are discontinued, however, if you still cannot come across a pastel purplish eyeshadow in your makeup drawer (like I did), here are a few recommendations of eyeshadows I think would be great for this look!

Hope this Pastel Purple Moment gives you some inspo for this coming Spring!  

Comment below if pastel coloured eyeshadows would be something you’d be interested in wearing? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Also, if you liked this look, don’t be afraid to recreate it and tag me in your photos on Instagram @StacyJang_ as I’d love to see any of your recreations/makeup looks! Or if you’d just like to chat about makeup lol.

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Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your Friday morning, afternoon or evening, when and wherever you’re reading this article.

Today’s post is on yet another, new Go-to Makeup Look. Now, even though I finally uploaded my Signature Makeup Look on YouTube last month, it was up until a few days ago when I stumbled upon a not-so-new style of contouring around eyes that would dare I say change the way I do my daily makeup.

I came across a makeup look on the singer, Kehlani on Instagram and all I could think about was how her eyes looked so huge with mainly just eyeshadow (I know, I know, but that’s just how my mind functions lol ^-^).

Makeup Look Explained:

The way I always saw eyeliner: By applying a thick/thin line on your lash line, you can completely lift and change the shape of your eyes within seconds – like a cat eye. I want to not only enhance my natural features here and there but to also lift my eyes as much as possible… To look alive. So eyeliner has always been my best friend!

However, this look is quite different because I’m not necessarily lifting the shape of my eyes through eyeliner. I’m lifting my eyes by contouring around my eyes. You’d think that because you’re shading around the eyes, you’d add more shadows but in this case, you’re playing with light and shadow you create an illusion of captivating eyes, no matter what eye-colour you have!

Okay, I can already picture the eye-rolls of **welcome to Makeup** over the screen but seriously, this look without a doubt makes my eyes look realistically 3x bigger than they actually are (perfect for glasses wearers). All done without a huge winged out liner, cut-crease and falsies.

All you need are some warm-toned shadows (natural/neutral colours – basically a palette), a few (2-3) eyeshadow brushes and 5 minutes.

This look is also inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s Sophisticate Look.

Step 1: Blank out the lids with a thin layer of concealer and set them with a brightening powder (foundation powder + cream shaded eyeshadow) all over the lids. This will not only prime your eyes but will also act as a lid colour.

Step 2: grab your darkest brown shade and form a > shape on the outer corners of your eyes. Almost as if you’re applying eyeliner except you’re doing this with a small shader brush or even an angled brush to be precise. The goal is to place this dark brown a little higher than you normally would, this will act as an eye lifting eyeshadow – and as you blend it out, move the shadow slightly inwards to create a new crease on the eye without thinking too much.

Step 3: once you have your shape suited to your eyes, pick up a new blending brush and dip it into a red shade + the dark brown prior and blend the edges ever so gently to keep the intensity of the brown. Go ahead and also drag the red shade underneath the lash line as well to define the eyes for a soft touch.

Step 4: go back with the original lid colour you started with and apply it right on the centre to the inner corner of your lids to make your eyes appear larger.

Step 5: line the eyes with eyeliner, without winging it out and top it off with mascara. (Optional – you can also apply a white eyeliner to really draw attention to the eyes).

Step 6 (Optional): apply your favourite gold eyeshadow/highlighter and dust the product right on the inner corners of the eyes + slightly onto the bridge of the nose to make the look appear youthful.

Products Used:

Foundation – Fenty Beauty in 440

Concealer – Elizabeth Arden Foundation mixed with Fenty Beauty Foundation for a natural finish

Powder – MAC MSF in Dark + L’Oréal True Match Powder Compact

Bronzer – Sleek Bronze Block in Dark

Lips – Discontinued Clear Lipgloss w/ a Peachy Undertone


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Brows – Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette eyeshadow in Panther

Eyeliner – Poundland (and I highly recommend it ^-^)

Mascara – Poundland (purple packaging)

Okay so this may look and seem like a lot of work but trust me, for someone who’s once spent 2 hours doing my makeup before, I can tell you that this entire look only takes me 30 minutes to complete – including the skin and brows. Of course, you can modify this look in a way that suits you so that all applies but in my eyes, this look is perfect for when I know I need a makeup look to depend on for going out, running errands etc. Plus the no winged liner is quite refreshing for me atm, and I’m enjoying it.

Hope this Go-to, Neutral Makeup Look gives you a little inspo for your daily/occasional makeup looks ahead!

Comment below what you think on this look and also if a makeup tutorial on this look would be something you’d be interested in watching?

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All throughout January, I’ve been loving this fresh-faced, peachy look! It’s so easy to recreate and requires only one blush/shadow to achieve it. I will say that the look is quite inspired by k-Beauty. This look definitely enhances a more youthful side which I love. Simple and easy yet makes all the difference for those days you feel like creating a breath of fresh air look! Not to mention this look is also perfect for Valentine’s Day 💕

Products Used

Foundation: L’Oréal True Match Foundation in N8 Cappuccino

Concealer: MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in “NW45”

Powder: RCMA No Color Powder + L’Oréal True Match Compact Powder

Bronzer/Blusher: Sleek Bronze Block in “Dark”

Cream Blush: L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in “Orange”

Eyeshadows/Blush: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette / Sleek Blush Palette

Mascara: ELF Lengthening Mascara

Hope this makeup look gives you some lightweight, youthful inspo this coming Spring!

Lots of love,


I chose to do this makeup look simply because I’m a lover of 60s eye looks. However, this one carries elements of futurist vibes to it. Only fitting I dedicate this look to NYE as I’d only ever wear such a daring makeup for this occasion lol.

This sharp, bold, dramatic eye look is perfect for NYE! The main focus is all on the eyes, so I’ve put together a step by step guide on how you can achieve this intense look with any eyeshadow colour of your choice.


  1. Since this look is dramatic and defined, I would recommend starting with the eyes first, then base later to prevent fall down. In that case, start on the brows with a light hand, you can always darken them if needed when the eyes are complete. Cover the lids with a thin layer of concealer or foundation to blank out the canvas of your eyes.
  2. Next, take a creamy black kohl Pencil and map out a line as if you’re outlining a thick cat eye, creating a > shape on the outer corner of your eye slightly above the crease of your lids. This doesn’t have to be perfect btw.
  3. Once that’s applied, grab the darkest shade of your main eyeshadow (in my case, a dark turquoise/green) and pat it right on top of the liner you applied and blend slightly downwards onto your eyelids.
  4. Next, take your favourite black liquid eyeliner and with a sturdy hand, create the same > shape on the outer corners of your eyes and follow through right above the crease. (Use the previous lines you made with the pencil as a stencil to get that sharp look.
  5. Once that’s dried, apply a lighter colour of your main eyeshadow (in my case, a light green shade) right onto the eyelids but stopping midway – only focusing on the inner corners of the eyes.
  6. You can intensify the look by applying black eyeshadow, underneath where you placed the liner, but this step is optional.
  7. Lastly, pick up a flat synthetic brush with some concealer and slowly clean up the edges of the liner to really get that sharp finish.
  8. Apply your blackest mascara or falsies, whichever works for you and you’re done!


I went for a more flawless look but with a natural approach. This is simply achieved by buffing in your favourite foundation, gently spot concealing with a pot concealer, highlighting and contouring with cream products and setting the face with a good face powder.





Tinted Lip balm and a dab of a warmly toned concealer!


I hope you all have a wonderful and safe NYE on Sunday! I wish you all greatness as we walk into 2018 filled with happiness and gratitude!

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Look of the Day: Matte Skin and Glossy Lips

This look is yet another simple makeup look with an all-black outfit (or in this case vintage coat 🙈) but with a twist. Dark. Intense. Glossy. Lips. I’ve been a huge fan of matte skin with deep burgundy contrasted lips lately, so I thought why not show how I would style this simple yet bold look!

For all the products I’ve used, I’ve provided links below on where to shop them 🙂




FOUNDATION:* L’Oreal True Match Foundation in 8N Cappucino 

CONCEALER: *M.A.C. Select Cover Up Concealer in NW45💖

BRONZER/CONTOUR:* Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Chestnut


UNDER-EYE POWDER: *Loreal True Match Powder

LIPS: *Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lipgloss in Merlot Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lipgloss in Merlot 


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Christmas Day Makeup: Red Ombré Lips

Here is a simple Christmas makeup look featuring how to achieve an easy red ombré lip!

This look is all about the skin and the lips. Perfecting the skin by buffing in a nice, thin layer of your foundation of choice and going over the areas that need a little more help with a pot concealer for more coverage. Brighten underneath the eyes with a concealer about 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone, or if however, you’d like a more natural approach I’d suggest using a foundation 2-3 shades lighter instead of a concealer. This’ll ensure you a nice blend of product on the skin without a heavy or cakey finish. B.B. Creams also work well for this step.

Finish with a good dusting of powder and bronzer to modernise the makeup look, perhaps not as much as me but just enough to complete the look of the base.

For the eyes, I didn’t apply any shadow on the eyelids, only concealer to even out my eyes and face powder to set the concealer. The main focus was the touch of red eyeliner that was achieved with a black liquid liner applied and shaped to my liking (also doubles as a barrier), then going over it with my red liquid lip paint (the same shade I used for my lips) with a synthetic angled brow/liner brush.

Whilst that dried down I patted in some cream highlighters on the tops of my cheekbones to compliment the lipstick I was about to apply.


Using Coloured Raine’s Liquid Lip Paint in “Cherry Blossom” (MATTE)

I first outlined my lips bare with a bit of foundation first to shape my lips. When it comes to red lipstick, I like to stay true to my lip line and kind of square my lips off by underlining a little. I love the look of sharp red lips, just another great way to pull of a bold lip by having a structure to it.

I then apply and follow the line of my lips with a deep, plum lipstick and follow with the red liquid lip colour (starting at the top, right underneath the plum lipstick that’s already applied) and blend with fingers using patting motions until semi-dry.

I wouldn’t recommend rubbing the lips together as that could make the lips look patchy, but with this particular lipstick, it’s rare for that to happen anyways.

Finally, I clean the edges of the lips with a flat eyeshadow brush and some concealer.


L’Oréal True Match Foundation

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

RCMA No Color Powder

L’Oréal True Match Compact Powder

NYX High Voltage Lipstick in “Feline”

Coloured Raine Liquid Lip Paint in “Cherry Blossom” (MATTE)

E.L.F. Lengthening Mascara

Hope this look gives you a little inspo for this Christmas! And feel free to leave a comment on what you think ^-^

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