Since it’s big launch in 2017 it’s no doubt that Fenty Beauty has vastly become one of the most sought-after and most followed makeup brands in the beauty industry. Created by the renowned Singer and now Beauty Mogul, Rihanna, the efficiently sleek and well thought out designs of the products have already carved out a separate avenue for the brand. Creating an inclusively individual image that empowers women around the world to enhance their truest selves and inner beauty with their unique formulas, this including the Match Stix sets that launched together with the revolutionary Pro Filt’r Foundation back in September of 2017.

In this post, I will be reviewing the Fenty Beauty Matte and Shimmer Match Sticks.

Skin & Shimmer Match Stix by Fenty Beauty

Product’s Claims:

Meet the magnetized longwear makeup sticks that come together in two light-as-air finishes and a shade lineup to satisfy your every need: MATTE Skinsticks conceal, correct, and contour. SHIMMER Skinsticks highlight, blush and enhance—so you can mix and match, magnetize and multiply.

With Match Stix MATTE Skinsticks, conceal, correct, and contour in 20 shades obsessively fine-tuned and tested to look good on the full spectrum of skin tones.

Made to layer, the buildable cream-to-powder formula is weightless and super easy to blend but also stays put. No creasing and caking when you apply it—so even the delicate undereye area is fair game.


Texture & Finish: Matte (go figure)


The Fenty Beauty team we’re telling no fibs when they brought out their matte matchsticks, as the finish of these truly are what it says on the tin. The texture of the (matte) matchsticks is really like nothing else I had tried before. When swatching them I couldn’t help but think “gee, have they truly invented an entirely new makeup product?” I kid you not.

With these, you just cannot help but compare them to foundation sticks as they are for skin coverage. And like most foundation sticks we’ve been introduced to over the years, you’d expect the texture of these to just feel like foundation on your skin.

What Fenty Beauty did with this was try to eliminate that feeling of texture on your skinlike second skin. It does take a bit of getting used to, but it’s only now that I could really understand the purpose of this product. A lightweight feeling matte skin stick that can flawlessly cover-up and sculpt your face in a way that looks like your skin. Genius. Depending on the shade you pick up, you can use this as a foundation, contour, under-eye brighter or concealer – works nicely either way.

Dry Skin Tip: Prime well with a good regular moisturiser and you won’t face issues with the finish of these.


The texture of these beautifully opaque highlighters is also like nothing else I’d seen before. The closest comparison I could give I guess would be the Stila putty highlighters texture wise. Because of this, it actually makes the shimmers blend well and melts so seamlessly into the skin. You have more control to either go natural with a little applied, or luxurious without it looking blotchy of which sometimes, some highlighting powders can do that. This, I would call safe for anyone who wants to get into highlighting, but doesn’t need to look too exaggerated. It’s a very flexible product that can be perfect to wear, no matter the reason or season.

Coverage: Medium to Full


(As a concealer) Using matte skin sticks will make your concealer process easier than ever. I say this because by warming up the product onto your hand first, you enable the product to go on your skin with a fuller opaqueness. Therefore you have no need to keep applying it like the hassle you may with liquid concealers sometimes. You will also be pleased to know you have more control over the type of coverage you want with this. After getting used to how the product worked, I found it pretty easy for me to achieve full coverage with a minimum of two swipes.


Depending on how much shimmer you like, it can easily go from being a clean and fresh glow to a vibrant and pearly shimmer. Both are beautiful results, Its really all up to your preference. Same goes for the shimmery blush skin sticks.

Best Application Method


This may be an ironic suggestion, but I truly learned how the product worked by watching Rihanna’s Vogue tutorial. I suggest this because there’s no better person to show you how these products actually work, than the creator of the product themselves. She first warms up the product on her hand, applies a swipe underneath the eyes and pats in the product as she blends – this is key. I tried and perfected the exact same techniques and since then I’ve loved the matchsticks since.


Apply the product to your brush first, then blend it onto cheeks/cheekbones. This will give you a flawless result without looking too overdone allowing yourself to add more as you go. Or even apply some onto the back of your hand, then take the shimmer from there.

Lasts Up To 10 Hours (maximum)


Just like any other product, it works differently for everyone when it comes to lasting. I do believe that if the product is well blended, you shouldn’t have any issues. But, I would suggest to any glasses wearers if you’re using this: double set under the eyes (Sides of the nose area, avoiding the slope) with powder to prevent movement after a few hours.


I’d say that the shimmers will last you up to about 8-9 hours if you’re lucky. This also depends on whether you applied it first or last in your makeup routine as it will naturally fade over time. It’s not too noticeable to the point of disappearing though, you’ll still be glowing.


  • Nice shade range
  • Lightweight in feel and texture
  • Beautiful formula
  • Easy to apply once practised
  • Compact and very easy to travel with
  • Lovely coverage & finish (it is matte however depending on how you prime, anyone can use this)
  • Has a beautiful colour range of shimmers
  • Very versatile to use – for example, eyeshadow, highlight, lipstick etc.
  • Easy to clean, keep and maintain


    Can have trouble lasting very long depending on how it has been blended in
    [Matte] Can separate if applied like a regular concealer (read my application method suggestions to help avoid this.)

Final thoughts

What I find simply amazing about the Match Stix is that they’re so, incredibly versatile to use. The variety of looks you can create with these alone is just endless. And as a makeup artist, I’m so appreciative of the fact that their compact and magnetic design makes it much more convenient to collect, pack and travel with. Depending on which shades you choose, you’re free to use these as your foundation, concealer, contour, blush, eyeshadow and even lipstick. What’s not to love?

This is just an example of innovative makeup creativity with thoughtfulness put into it. Thank you to Fenty Beauty for believing in that from the get-go as it truly shows.

If you have not viewed Rihanna’s 10 Minute Glam Video with Vogue already, below is a link to her guided tutorial on how she applies the Match Skin Stix:

To shop the single Match Stix retailing for £21, click here.

To shop the TRIO SET retailing for £46, click here.

(The TRIO SET includes the Concealer, Contour & Highlighter in the shade of your choice all in one package.)

Shop and browse the full Fenty Beauty Match Stix range in all shades & shimmers by clicking here.


Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. So, spring is finally on the horizon, so I thought why not cultivate my top 7 nude lipsticks perfect to rock this spring season of 2019.

The mood board for this edit is based on the flower child nostalgia from mainly the ’60s, throughout the late ’70s. Think peachy nude lips for the classic woman with a signature wing, pale nude lips for the daring that would always sport a 60’s smokey eye and the rose nude lip for those everyday effortless gals who would only look chic at all times.

No matter which ‘stage’ you’re at in the makeup game you can never go wrong with a simple but enhancing nude lip. And although a classic nude is suitable enough to be worn all year round – in my opinion – Spring is most definitely THE season to seize.

Optional Tip: Use this mood board as makeup inspo to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with the many varieties makeup brands have to offer you for the perfect nude lip this Spring!

In this edit, I will be sharing 7 of the most popular and fresh nude lipsticks you can look out for to freshen up and become your classic 2019-go-to-nude this season.

Look No. 1 – The Peachy Nude Lip

This lipstick is for those who almost cannot leave their house without at least lashes or eyeliner, thus needing a partner in crime to complete your look whilst still keeping that sense of youthful flair! In this case, a peachy nude is a way to go.

Below is a couple of some of my top peachy lip options, depending on your personal undertones and texture preferences:


NIP+FAB Matte Liquid Lipstick, ‘Cinnamon’

This peachy nude applies like a gloss and dries down to a plush matte finish. With a non-drying formula.

Click here to shop 

Colour: Peachy Nude

RRP: £7.95

Opacity: Full

Finish: Matte


L’Oréal Paris Glitter Fever Lipstick 259 ‘Nude After Party’

This lip complete with a nude pink or clear lip gloss over top would look absolutely gorgeous! A subtle show stopper. 

Click here to shop 

RRP: £6.99

Current Price: £4.99

Colour: Pale Pink Nude

Opacity: Sheer/Medium

Finish: Sheer Shimmery [satin]

Look No. 2 – The Enhancing Nude Lip

Sometimes all a girl wants is a signature lip to depend on, to pull out of their handbag under any circumstances and instantly feel better. A signature enhancing, defining and mood lifting lip should be in everyone’s makeup bag. Think of that iconic scene of Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, (played by Old Hollywood Star, Audrey Hepburn) applying that one last swipe of lipstick before her ultimate confrontation (of love lol). Now, that is exactly how The Signature Chic woman starts her every day – her way. My top enhancing nude lip picks for the ladies of fabulousness:


L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Exclusive Lipstick 620 ‘Julianne’s Nude’

Find the perfect nude with this flattering ‘pink-nude’. The faintness of pink will always guarantee you the finish of the perfect pout. Julianne’s Nude carries just enough balance to suit all skin tones and works amazingly on fairer skin tones. 

Click here to shop

Current Price: £5.99

Colour: Pink Nude

Opacity: Medium-Full

Finish: Hydrating & Creamy Satin


Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick 61 ‘Angel Pink’

Infused with vitamin E, this rich pearly-pink nude adds vibrancy and fullness to the lips. Like the name says, it is the ‘Angel Pink’. 

Click here to shop

RRP: £7.99

Current Price: £5.81

Colour: Pearly-Pink Nude

Opacity: Sheer-Medium

Finish: Moisturising, Comfortable Pearly

Look No. 3 – The It Girls’ Go-To Pale Nude Lip

I simply believe that there are a time and a place for the ‘dead’ lip look. I certainly love it for those occasions where you feel like wearing more than just one eyeshadow. This nude is for the smokey eye wearers, the 60’s makeup emulators and the cut crease slayers. To those that want to tell a story with their eyes – a complementary pale nude lip is your perfect companion:


L’Oréal Paris Color Riche ‘Nude’ Lip Palette

What could be better than owning a perfect nude lipstick? Owning a perfect nude lip palette! This travel-friendly compact comes in a gold packaging with a suitable mirror inside, allowing you to apply this whenever and wherever. The compact gives you the luxury to choose from six pink-to-nude-brown lip options, handing you the freedom to mix, match and create your custom lip shade. 

Click here to shop

RRP: £14.99

Current Price: £4.95

Colour(s): Pink Nude-Brown Nude lip options

Opacity: Medium

Finish: Satin


NYX Velvet Matte Lipstick 02 Beach Casual ‘Sand Nude’

Channel your inner 60’s spring chicness with a pale nude like ‘sand nude’. Worn best with red eyeshadow looks, pale toned eyeshadows and of course a cat eye. 

Click here to shop

RRP: £3.75

Colour: Warm Pale Nude

Opacity: Medium/Full

Finish: Velvet [Matte]


L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Lipstick – BALMAIN Limited Edition 647 ‘Urban Safari’

Embody the supermodel bombshell look with this exclusive and luxurious matte nude in collaboration with Balmain, designed by Olivier Rousting. (This is best worn with a lip liner to create more definition.) 

Click here to shop

RRP: £12.99

Current Price: £6.17

Colour: Pale Nude

Opacity: Medium-Full

Finish: Moisturising Matte

*all photo credits belong to their rightful owners

Well, that is all for this curated spring nude lip edit! Be sure to let me know in the comments whether you liked some of the options I chose or even if you would like to see more curated lists of other makeup products like this. I am always open to suggestions 🙂

Thank you all so much for stopping by The Belper!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

There are so many simple things you can do to leverage your Valentine’s Day! Below is my small list of simple suggestions that I personally enjoy doing on this annual holiday:

1. Take time to be thoughtful and help others

This obviously doesn’t have to be too extreme but something as simple as accompanying someone with their bags, a friend with homework or your family with even dinner can be so helpful and appreciated.

  • 2. Be alone, treat yourself to your favourite old school playlist and have a pamper day/night
  • Face masks, Gossip Girl and Ben & Jerry ice cream can do no wrong in my book!
  • 3. Write cards/notes and get creative!
  • Later today I’ll actually be crafting some Valentine’s Day cards with my little brother. If you have kids or small siblings, doing something like can be a lovely way to encourage them to selflessly love more and appreciate others by creating cards out of their consideration.
  • 4. Go out and buy yourself flowers
  • This may seem a little far at first, but I’m not kidding when I say that having a fresh set of £5 flowers can just instantly change the mood of your aura and not the mention the aroma of your own home.

    5. Bake or make your favourite meal

    They say food is the window to the soul… And as part of the love yourself mantra. A favourite meal/take out or set of cookies can be a perfect way to treat yourself on a day like Valentine’s Day! I’d probably buy myself a birds pie lol.

    Make sure to take the time to share and give love today! 😊

    Thank you all so much for stopping by The Belper!

    Lots of love,


    Gloss Bomb. The name of one of the most raved about lip glosses since it’s launch in 2017, Fenty Beauty created and brought back the experience and excitement in lip glosses: The Universal Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer.

    Now being sold in 3 different shades, (Original) “FENTY GLOW”, “DIAMOND MILK” and “FU$$Y” the gloss bombs have brought a new and fresh dynamic to everyone’s lip gloss game. Consider it the 21st Century version of every lady in the 30’s classically owning and applying their red lipsticks out in public. This is the definition of what the gloss bomb exudes and in this edit, I will be reviewing Fenty Beauty’s original gloss bomb from their collection in: “FENTY GLOW”.



    Product’s Claims:

    THE stop-everything, give-it-to-me gloss that feels as good as it looks: Gloss Bomb delivers explosive shine in one perfect rose nude shade handpicked by Rihanna herself, FENTY Glow. We’re talking the unicorn of nudes that looks good on everyone.

    One luscious swipe of Gloss Bomb’s XXL wand gives lips more to love, while conditioning Shea butter enriches from within. Lips look instantly fuller and smoother, with a non-sticky formula that’s super shiny and has an addictive peach-vanilla scent you just can’t get enough of.

    Drench lips in the FENTY Glow – it’s the ultimate finishing touch to every look.

    Texture & Coverage: Noticeable-light

    Fenty glow gloss has this beautiful rosy nude sheen that enhances the lips just enough to look fresh and polished. The texture has a very smooth, luxurious and non-sticky feeling. What I really like about this is that the gloss applies and sits smoothly, right from the moment you put it on to the moment it fades away at the end of the day. It allows you to re-apply with no flakes of residue that normal lipglosses can naturally do sometimes. This gloss also has a very pleasant and lightweight scent of which I couldn’t figure out what it was when I first tried it. It’s quite nostalgic and sweet with a clean and modern essence to it.

    Best Application Method:

    The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. Seriously. I’m slightly obsessed with is the XXL Applicator Wand. This, no doubt is partially the reason for the success of the Gloss Bomb. It makes everybody’s lip-application so much easier by not needing to reapply as much due to the amount of product that you get from the wand. Self-explanatory, I know, but I really wanted to highlight the appreciation I had for the wand design made for this product.

    Lasts Up To 6 Hours (maximum)

    Now, I know that naturally you will be expected to re-apply the Gloss Bomb throughout the day. Either because you wanted to revive your lips or because you’re just obsessed with applying the gloss as it’s really satisfying to re-apply. Six hours is actually a really long time for a gloss, let’s not forget that normal lipglosses can fade within or up to (approx.) three hours. So 6 hours is quite impressive in my opinion.

    Tip For a Long Lasting Lipgloss: Prep the lips by exfoliating and moisturising your lips if you wish before finishing with the gloss bomb.

    3 Best Lipstick Colour Options to Wear With the “FENTY GLOW” Gloss Bomb:

    A Traditionally Nude Lipstick – This is one of the most classic ways to enhance a nude lip. A fitting lip combo for the colder months, keeping your lips looking plump and feeling hydrated.

    A Coral lipstick – Perfect for the Spring! A coral glossy lip will brighten and bring out your youthful side, giving you a perfectly full yet natural look to the lips.

    A Pink Nude Lipstick – This will be the perfect base for that classic but also glamorous result. A lovely combo to wear with a glam makeup look.


    • With 10ml of product, the Gloss Bomb is the perfect minimal lip option to wear on no-makeup makeup days, naturally enhancing your lips to look full and fresh.
    • Its sheer pigment gives you the versatility to wear it alone, or on top of lipstick to give a rosy radiant sheen.
    • Has a very moisturising texture, infused with shea butter to safely and smoothly soften and hydrate the lips with ease.
    • Beautiful packaging – I mean, who wouldn’t want to take out such a sleek and modernistic lip product out of their handbag.
    • The XXL doe-foot applicator ensures a luscious and opaque sheen every time.


    • [None]

    Final thoughts

    There is nothing more satisfying than applying the first couple swipes of a new lipgloss. And now with the Gloss Bomb consider the experience to make you feel extra glam and special. £16 is more on the high-end high-street price range, but if you think about it – to get 10ml of a concentrated gleaming gloss that will last you a long while is a quality to me. What I probably love the most about this product is that it just adds a healthy radiance to the lips. Instantly looking fresh and awake even on the days you’re not wearing any makeup at all. And that’s a win. Knowing that your lips will instantly gain a nourished, clean and gorgeous sheen whilst feeling comfortable in your own skin all in one.

    Shop the FENTY BEAUTY GLOSS BOMB by Clicking here.

    Outfit of The Day: The Knit Dress

    I’ve been a huge fan of knit dresses for a while now and I have to say my most preferred style has to be the long-sleeved turtleneck, long enough to touch my ankles lol. I find that this piece fits right in between comfort and style for me which is a win! I also love collecting them in black, only because it becomes easier for me to wear with different outerwear & shoes as well as being suitable for loungewear throughout the winter too.

    I finished off this simple look with my shiny kitten-heeled black ankle boots and a sharp wing to open up the eyes.

    Knit Dress: ZARA [Available in 3 colours]

    Ankle Boots: ZARA

    Are you a fan of Knit Dresses? If so, which ones are your most favourite? I’d love to know what you all think in the comments section below!

    Thank you so much for stopping by The Belper!

    Lots of love,


    Happy Sunday, Everyone!

    This look is quite an advanced glam as I wanted to experiment with graphic eyeliner in combination with a statement lip also. A very vibrant, nod to the ’80s wearable look that I think will be perfect for any upcoming festive events this fall/winter or just to try out and have fun with creating.

    I gave the base a more glass finish with a higher coverage foundation mixed in with an illuminating foundation. In contrast, I used a mixture of a matte red and matte pink liquid lipsticks to create a cherry-pink based hue on the lips and made the eyes more defined and diffused with a shimmery champagne/gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner (blended in with a black/brown eyeshadow) without losing the cat eye shape I wanted. Once I had my desired shape, I took the time to extend and carve out the liner as much as possible to break up the eyeshadows a bit and stand out more.

    Inspired by Old Hollywood makeup artist, Whitey Snyder‘s eyelash shadow trick he was known to use on Hollywood Icon, Marilyn Monroe, you may also notice that I drew a line right underneath my eyeliner outwards to create a more 3D effect with my lashes (this is very optional). It was my first time trying out the infamous eyelash line trick but I think it worked out pretty well for this look. I’d love to know what you think of it in the comment section below…



    Foundation: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r in 440

    Concealer: Elizabeth Arden Lift & Firm Foundation, Delilah Foundation & L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Foundation “33 Cappucino”

    Powder: RCMA No Color Powder “Translucent” & Sleek Concealer Trio [Powder]

    Blusher: NIP+FAB Contour Palette [Orange Shade]

    Bronzer: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick “Chestnut”

    EYES –

    Sleek Brow Intensity “Light Medium”

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Refill Powder “Carob”

    Spotlight eyeshadow: Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette “Tiger”

    E.L.F. Highlighter “Blush Gems”

    Technic Lengthening Mascara

    Eyeliner: PoundWorld

    LIPS –

    Coloured Raine Liquid Matte Lipstick “Cherry Blossom” & Bourjois Liquid Lipstick in 07

    Hope this edit gives you some wearable ’80s glam inspo! Lol

    Thank you all so much for stopping by The Belper!

    Lots of love,


    I’ve noticed that around this time of year, that I begin to regularly receive questions as to how I achieve a more flawless foundation look without looking too cakey and just all-around even in tone with my makeup. Now, of course, liquid foundation and concealer play a huge part in my Autumn/Winter makeup routine but not as much as powder foundation does, as this product/step is what really makes a difference in creating that flawless face during the colder months.

    I will be uploading a film on how I use powder foundations for on-the-go multitasking purposes very soon, but for now, I’ve listed down 10 different ways to use powder foundation as I consider this to always be essential in anyone and everyone’s makeup bag.

    1. As foundation (I know, but I felt like I had to mention this at least lol)
    2. To lightly set your liquid/cream foundation or concealer
    3. To cover spots/blemishes and/or hyperpigmentation
    4. To use as a powdered eye-primer
    5. To touch up makeup on the go
    6. To lighten up the colour of your brows
    7. To full proof and mattify a nude lip
    8. To use as a transition shade for eye-looks
    9. To use as a matte bronzer (if you pick up a darker shade)
    10. To sharpen a bold lipstick by cleaning up the edges

    1. MUA PRO Base Full Cover Matte Powder

    Price: £2.50

    Coverage: Medium to High

    Shades: 9

    2. KIKO GreenMe Bronzer Loose Powder

    Price: [SALE] £3.80 Retail Price: £12.00

    Coverage: Light to Medium (buildable)

    Shades: 2

    The reason why I love this bronzer as a powder foundation is because it actually neutralises any different undertones in my foundation to suit my skin. It has some sort of a blurring effect but it’s not shiny, nor is it matte. Kind of like a good dupe for Laura Mercier’s new setting powder but with little to no shimmers in this powder. I’ve been using it for about a month now and it has become one of my best loose face setting powders without being too heavy on the skin.

    Unfortunately, this powder comes in two shades as they are bronzers. However, KIKO sells an actual powder foundation called the Skin Tone Powder Foundation (£13.90) which also comes in 18 different shades.

    3. L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Powder

    Price: £6.99

    Coverage: Light to Medium (buildable)

    Shades: 10

    This powder is one of my favourites compared to some high-end PFs. What I really like about this one is that it has light to medium coverage, making it very buildable but with a finely milled texture, encouraging me to use a light hand. Not to mention, this compact comes with a very good mirror, easy to travel with and throw in your handbag. If you have normal to dry skin, I’d recommend using a very fluffy face brush to set your makeup with this powder in order to avoid any dry patches. If you happen to struggle with drying makeup in general, try using rose water-based setting sprays after you’ve applied your makeup.

    4. Milani Mineral Compact, High Coverage Powder

    Price: £11.00

    Coverage: High

    Shades Available: 3

    For those that prefer a higher coverage, I’d recommend trying Milani’s Mineral Compact range (linked above). The undertones of these powders would also make a gorgeous matte bronzer and a face-perimeter setting powder. This also comes with a mirror, is travel-friendly and will come in handy if you have combination to oily skin.

    5. NOTE Cosmetics Silk Luminous Compact Powder

    Price: £13.90

    Coverage: Light to Medium (natural finish)

    Shades Available: 17

    Hope this post gives you some new access into some high-Street brands that provide powder foundations 🙂

    Let me know if you have any suggestions of posts you’d like to see from The Belper in the comments below!

    Thank you so much for stopping by The Belper!

    Lots of love,

    MAKEUP LOOK: “Pretty in Pink”

    Happy September to you all! For some reason, I’ve fallen back in love with pink hues lately. Growing up, I rarely liked to admit that my favourite colour (at the time) was pink, however, the majority of my detailed decorations all over my bedroom, throughout my scrapbooks, perfumes and handbags all happened to be pink *pretends to be shocked*. But on a more serious note, I’ve always considered pink to be an instant mood changer for me. Whether I’d notice the colour or not, pink had consistently been my go-to mood-brightener throughout my early teens. From my paintings to colourings, magazine cut-outs for colour-moods and now – makeup.

    So even though, here in England, were experiencing yet again the infamous mood swings of September weather; too cold in the morning, too hot in the afternoon. I thought why not play with some of my favourite mood-brightening pink eyeshadows and remind myself to watch Pretty in Pink again.

    The main concept of this look is very simple and easy, just soft and low effort. I purposefully wanted this to be quick to do, with a fresh and awake look in mind yet using high saturated pinks in contrast. Low effort, high impact.

    On the eyes, you’ll notice that the pink eyeshadow carries some dimension and weight without looking heavy. The centre points along with the inner corners of my eyes are highlighted with the brightest version of the same eyeshadow, using light, glittery shimmers mixed in with the original shade I used all over the lids. This is known as a halo eye.

    I’m not sure if you can tell, but I actually applied orange eyeshadows/pigments as a blusher. I also blended this into the socket line of my eyes to give the pink eyeshadow a place to look more seamless. These two shades work wonderfully together and makes the overall look seem more put together and finished as opposed to just using a pink without any complimentary shade to go with it (even though that in itself is a look).

    Skin is fresh and clean looking using minimal foundation and heavy blending as I wanted a flawless face but with only my eyes and lips on show. My best tip for trying out bright colours on eyes and lips would be to try lighter brows as it’ll allow you face more of a clean canvas to work on.



    FOUNDATION – Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r in 440

    CONCEALER – Makeup Revolution Full Cover 13

    POWDR – RCMA no Color Powder “Translucent”

    BRONZER/BLUSH – Orange Blush from NIP+FAB Contour Palette in “DARK” + A.B.H. Contour Refill in “L’Orange”


    BROWS – Light Brown Brow Gel

    EYESHADOW [BASE] – A thin layer of Irum Cosmetics’ ‘Splash of Beauty’ Liquid Lipstick in “LUSH”

    EYESHADOW – Mary Kay Blusher in “CHERRY BLOSSOM”, U.D. Full Spectrum Palette “GOSSIP”, A.B.H. Modern Renaissance Palette “LOVE LETTER”

    I used a mixture of shadows from the pinks in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette to the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette as my all over lid shade (in light layers).

    EYESHADOW [HALO EFFECT] – U.D. Full Spectrum Palette “PARANOIA” + Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette “Kitty Glitter”

    MASCARA – Technic

    EYELINER – PoundWorld

    I only used mascara and liner on the outer part of my eyes and lash line. I even went as far as to adding a skin tone eyeliner to tight line the top inner third of my lash line to act as if nothing was really there.


    Irum Cosmetics ‘Splash Of Beauty’ Liquid Lipstick in “LUSH”


    Whether you’re an undercover lover of pink or not, I hope this post gives you a little inspo for this September 🙂

    Do you have a certain colour you consider your mood-brightener? Comment below as I’d love to know ^-^ lol.

    Thank you so much for stopping by The Belper!

    Lots of love,



    BASE: L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation “Cappucino” (I prefer to mix this foundation in with a liquid illuminator to sheer the coverage down just a bit.)

    CONCEALER: The same foundation mixed in with a lighter one from Elizabeth Arden, lightly applied to the centre points of the face including right underneath my eyes.

    POWDER: RCMA No Color Powder “Translucent”

    BLUSH: NIP&FAB Contour Palette “DARK” – Orange Shade

    BRONZER: NIP&FAB Contour Palette “DARK” (to add contrast)

    EYESHADOW: by Cargo Cosmetics – Unfortunately, this eyeshadow came from their California Throwback collection which is now discontinued. This type of turquoise (green with blue reflects) colour is a very universal and versatile shade, I feel. You can find this in a lot of other palettes (and singles) that are currently available on most online beauty department stores or at your local drugstore. It may also be worth checking your makeup archives for an eyeshadow like this.

    MASCARA: PoundWorld – So I wanted to add just a touch of Cher vibes to this look. You can certainly go crazy with this step as I think it would work with this eyeshadow very well and really make the eyes pop (as if they don’t already) – but I was just scared 🤓

    LINER: PoundWorld (Only to fill in the gaps on my lashline. I wanted my lashes to appear thicker and fuller yet clean whilst making sure that there was no eyeliner in sight.)

    LIPS: If you’ve read any other of my makeup posts, you’d know that my go-to nude lip combo would be a brown lip liner, pink/nude lipstick with a touch of concealer dabbed on the centre of my lips. However, I wanted something slightly different and more exotic so I replaced my normal concealer with an orange corrector/concealer to use as my lip pigment, topped off with a lipgloss and that became the look!

    Brown Lipliner: MUA Brown Brow Pencil “DARK”

    Nude/Pink Lipstick: Primark

    Orange Corrector/Concealer: L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer

    I know this look is pretty, um, colourful but I’ve recently been obsessing over this turquoise shimmery hue as a focal point in a makeup look with a summery influence in mind. And I’m loving it!

    I would love to read your thoughts on this look in the comments below and/or maybe share a colour that you’ve recently been loving as your eyeshadows this summer!

    Hope this brightening makeup look gives you a little inspo towards the late summer ^-^

    Thank you all so much for stopping by The Belper!

    Lots of love,

    MAKEUP LOOK: Bold Eyeshadow Inspired by the ’60s

    I’ve recently been noticing this new re-birth of 60’s style makeup. Although it had already made its influence through many other modernised renditions of the 60’s look over the decades, this year has really become an interesting time for different makeup artists and non-makeup artists to experiment with the simplicity of single, bold eyeshadows. Paired with, of course, graphic liner.

    For this look, I not only took some inspiration from the 60’s but added in a little bit of 50’s with the eyeliner. I used just one eyeshadow from my all-time favourite colour palette, Urban Decay Full Spectrum using their shade, “Bump” a matte white shadow. I did have to re-apply this to build intensity, though it wasn’t an issue.

    Products used-

    Foundation: Loreal Paris TrueMatch in 8N “Cappucino”

    Concealer: Select Cover Up Concealer by MAC

    Bronze/Contour: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in “Chestnut” / “Esspreso”

    Powder: RCMA No Color Powder & Loreal Paris Compact Powder

    Lips: any nude lipstick w/ a dark liner & a dab of concealed (I used one from LA Girl) does the job!

    Eyeliner: Poundworld [still my fave]

    Mascara: ELF Lengthening

    HOW TO APPLY [White Eyeshadow]:

    I primed my eyelids with a concealer first. I wanted to make sure that I had an even base on my lids so I also set them with a light dusting of powder that had coverage. Next, came the fun part! Using a soft, flat eyeshadow brush – I pat-and-wiggled the pigment onto the middle of my eyelids (avoiding the outer section), evenly distributing the shadow down to the inner corners of my eyes. I then finished my shape by blending the shadow underneath the inner tear duct area of my eyes for a lifted effect.

    I went over this a couple more times using the same technique with a fluffier brush to buff out the edges and after liner, I was done.

    One thing I loved about this process was that it was very quick to do. Took me about 3-5 minutes to complete the shadow and move straight to eyeliner. If only all of my looks took this long… *sigh*

    I significantly left the outer lids buffed out and bare to act as a natural crease shade without using eyeshadow. I feel like using a transition shade with too much of an orange undertone in it can weaken the look. The goal is for the eyeshadow to be as bold as possible in this case.

    If you’re interested in experimenting with white eyeshadows, here, I’ve accumulated and linked five different alternatives that you could consider. Please note that some of these pigments have a pearly finish as opposed to matte due to lack of availability with this particular shade but nonetheless, these are my top five recommendations.

    Maybelline Eyestudio 24 Hour Color Tattoo Gel-Cream Eyeshadow, 45 Infinite White (Gel Formula)

    Price £7.06

    I’d recommend using a product like this as a base first and then applying your eyeshadow on top for a more opaque finish.

    Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow No.90 Blanc Diaphane (satin finish)

    Price (on sale): £4.99

    Image result for makeup geek ice queen

    Ice Queen 1.8g Eyeshadow Pan by Makeup Geek

    Price: £4.95

    Pearl/White Ivory Eyeshadow in Oyster by MUA Cosmetics (pearl/satin finish)

    Price: £3.45

    Matte, Long Lasting Colourful Eyeshadow Eye Shadow in (#1) by LHWY (matte finish)

    Price: £1.88

    I really wish more makeup brands would expand with more colourful and pigmented mattes, kind of like SugarPill’s singles which do also come in palettes, I believe. For me, wearing white eyeshadow alone never came to mind until I actually saw it in this palette. Personally, I love this look! And I would actually wear this look again.

    Please do let me know in the comments what you think and if wearing just one bold shadow would be a look you’d wear, as I’d love to know!

    For the product details of this makeup look, make sure to head over to my Instagram!

    Thank you all so much for stopping by The Belper!

    Lots of love,