Whether or not the idea of chickpea curry sounds familiar or downright peculiar to you. I must say that this dish is like no other in the sense that this is the PERFECT combination of spice and texture without anything too heavy involved. This recipe is not only a great option for something warm, spicy and filling on a weekday but also incredibly quick to make as well as delicious to taste!

The star of the show for this recipe is, well, the chickpeas and the Mae Ploy Panang Curry Paste (linked here). This beautifully spiced condiment is the perfect component to use with chickpeas since they contain little to no flavour. With that being said, I must warn you that this paste is not only FULL of flavour but is also downright spicy in the most magnificent way, so less is definitely more. We balance this duo by adding cream of coconut – this will allow for the spices to gently infuse into a creamy, spicy yet neutralised curry, quite similar to the process of cooking a chicken curry but with chickpeas as the replacement. Simple yet SO tantalising to taste!

Simple chickpea curry delicious recipe (video)


Serves: 2-4

1 cup chickpeas

1/2 (chopped) onion

5-6 twigs of fresh thyme

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon Mae Ploy Panang Curry Paste (note: this contains shrimp and nuts, please read the ingredients list before purchasing.)

1 full carton cream of coconut

1 cup rice

1 bay leaf

3 tablespoons olive oil

5-6 freshly cut parsley leaves


1. (The night before) wash and drain the chickpeas with cold water, then place them in a wide sealable container or bowl and pour filtered water just an inch above them. Leave to rest and expand overnight.

2. (The day of) cook the rice by adding a little salt, olive oil and a bay leave to accommodate the chickpea curry (optional).

3. Pressure cook the chickpeas in water for 10 minutes.

4. After 10 minutes, drain and set aside the chickpeas.

5. In the one pot, pour olive oil and leave to slightly heat. Add the onions and let them gently caramelise to then the add thyme.

6. Add the panang paste to the pot and stir, cooking with the onions and thyme for about 2-3 minutes.

7. Pour all of the cream of coconut and gently stir.

8. After about 2-3 minutes of stirring, add the cooked and drained chickpeas into the pot and stir for another 3 minutes.

9. Allow for the curry to infuse into the chickpeas by pressure cooking it for at least 5-7 minutes (depending on how soft you prefer your chickpeas).

10. Chop up some fresh parsley to garnish the chickpea curry over rice and serve.

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