As I’m sure we can all agree, light therapy is vast becoming a beauty treatment that is not only accessible in beauty clinics but now more than ever, in the comfort of our own homes. who doesn’t love the idea of a three-in-one spa treatment at home?! If you don’t know much about light therapy, I’ve put together a video of the magnificent benefits of what and how LED light therapy works upon the skin. This brings me to the review of the Australian-based skincare brand, PeppyCo. A natural-based skincare range that specialises in not only catering to the skin of all types (including the most sensitive) but providing the most latest innovations of technology and skincare with light therapy.

What is LED light therapy?

LED Light therapy is essentially a skincare treatment that uses different coloured light sources and waves to treat certain skin problem areas, promoting a healthier system of collagen production and the reduction of blemishes and bacteria-based acne (and much more!), depending on the colour of light that’s being used. In this case, the PeppyCo. LED Light Therapy Face Mask V2 holds up to three main light therapy settings: Blue, Red and Yellow, all of which can treat the skin individually for up to ten minutes at a time – resulting in 30 minutes maximum per skin treatment session.

To watch a quick and in-depth beauty breakdown of how this LED Light Therapy Mask works and to hear my thoughts of how I feel about this and two of PeppyCo.’s other compatible products from their line, click the link below to watch the review and demo!

(Disclaimer: This blog post is not in paid partnership. All perspectives and opinions are entirely my observations)