top 3 current favourite lipsticks

Hello, Everyone! I hope you’re all well. today’s post is all about my top 3 lipsticks I’ve been wearing non-stop recently. For me, lipstick plays a huge part in completing a look. And for a while, I found it tricky to navigate easy lip colours to throw on whenever I’m in a rush. Here are the three lipsticks that I’ve reached for the most this season.



This lipstick is what I’d personally describe as my perfect nude. This carries the perfect balance of brown and rose – making it easy for me to apply even without wearing a lipliner. A couple swipes of this on the centre of my lips and I’m good to go! 

Click here to shop RRP: £4.00
Colour: Brown/Rose Nude 
Opacity: Medium-Full
Finish: Satin 



I know I’ve previously mentioned this lipstick before, however, I cannot rave about this lipstick enough. This beautiful underrated orange is perfect for all skin tones – allowing you to decide, whether you want to go neutral or bold. The perfect all-year lip to keep in your makeup bag.

Click here to shop
RRP: £12.99 
Current Price: £7.99 
Colour: Orange Nude
Opacity: Medium-Full
Finish: Moisturising Matte



I never thought I would find myself recommending a good lipstick for under £1, but here I am! This quickly became my most unexpected favourite when I was creating a full P.S. beauty look. Needless to say, I’m impressed by the quality of this lipstick. A gorgeous nude pink that surprisingly works well with my skin tone. So if you’re on the lookout for a good, affordable lipstick, I’d highly recommend P.S. Beauty’s ‘Lustre Lipstick’ collection by Primark.

Click here to find the nearest store
RRP: £0.90 Colour: Nude(ish) Pink Opacity: Medium-Full Finish: Satin/Shine 

That is all from this mini article! Let me know what you think in the comments below and until my next post, you can keep in touch with me @stacyjang_ on Instagram. 

Thank you so much for stopping by The Belper!

lots of love, 

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