Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. So, spring is finally on the horizon, so I thought why not cultivate my top 7 nude lipsticks perfect to rock this spring season of 2019.

The mood board for this edit is based on the flower child nostalgia from mainly the ’60s, throughout the late ’70s. Think peachy nude lips for the classic woman with a signature wing, pale nude lips for the daring that would always sport a 60’s smokey eye and the rose nude lip for those everyday effortless gals who would only look chic at all times.

No matter which ‘stage’ you’re at in the makeup game you can never go wrong with a simple but enhancing nude lip. And although a classic nude is suitable enough to be worn all year round – in my opinion – Spring is most definitely THE season to seize.

Optional Tip: Use this mood board as makeup inspo to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with the many varieties makeup brands have to offer you for the perfect nude lip this Spring!

In this edit, I will be sharing 7 of the most popular and fresh nude lipsticks you can look out for to freshen up and become your classic 2019-go-to-nude this season.

Look No. 1 – The Peachy Nude Lip

This lipstick is for those who almost cannot leave their house without at least lashes or eyeliner, thus needing a partner in crime to complete your look whilst still keeping that sense of youthful flair! In this case, a peachy nude is a way to go.

Below is a couple of some of my top peachy lip options, depending on your personal undertones and texture preferences:


NIP+FAB Matte Liquid Lipstick, ‘Cinnamon’

This peachy nude applies like a gloss and dries down to a plush matte finish. With a non-drying formula.

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Colour: Peachy Nude

RRP: £7.95

Opacity: Full

Finish: Matte


L’Oréal Paris Glitter Fever Lipstick 259 ‘Nude After Party’

This lip complete with a nude pink or clear lip gloss over top would look absolutely gorgeous! A subtle show stopper. 

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RRP: £6.99

Current Price: £4.99

Colour: Pale Pink Nude

Opacity: Sheer/Medium

Finish: Sheer Shimmery [satin]

Look No. 2 – The Enhancing Nude Lip

Sometimes all a girl wants is a signature lip to depend on, to pull out of their handbag under any circumstances and instantly feel better. A signature enhancing, defining and mood lifting lip should be in everyone’s makeup bag. Think of that iconic scene of Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, (played by Old Hollywood Star, Audrey Hepburn) applying that one last swipe of lipstick before her ultimate confrontation (of love lol). Now, that is exactly how The Signature Chic woman starts her every day – her way. My top enhancing nude lip picks for the ladies of fabulousness:


L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Exclusive Lipstick 620 ‘Julianne’s Nude’

Find the perfect nude with this flattering ‘pink-nude’. The faintness of pink will always guarantee you the finish of the perfect pout. Julianne’s Nude carries just enough balance to suit all skin tones and works amazingly on fairer skin tones. 

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Current Price: £5.99

Colour: Pink Nude

Opacity: Medium-Full

Finish: Hydrating & Creamy Satin


Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick 61 ‘Angel Pink’

Infused with vitamin E, this rich pearly-pink nude adds vibrancy and fullness to the lips. Like the name says, it is the ‘Angel Pink’. 

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RRP: £7.99

Current Price: £5.81

Colour: Pearly-Pink Nude

Opacity: Sheer-Medium

Finish: Moisturising, Comfortable Pearly

Look No. 3 – The It Girls’ Go-To Pale Nude Lip

I simply believe that there are a time and a place for the ‘dead’ lip look. I certainly love it for those occasions where you feel like wearing more than just one eyeshadow. This nude is for the smokey eye wearers, the 60’s makeup emulators and the cut crease slayers. To those that want to tell a story with their eyes – a complementary pale nude lip is your perfect companion:


L’Oréal Paris Color Riche ‘Nude’ Lip Palette

What could be better than owning a perfect nude lipstick? Owning a perfect nude lip palette! This travel-friendly compact comes in a gold packaging with a suitable mirror inside, allowing you to apply this whenever and wherever. The compact gives you the luxury to choose from six pink-to-nude-brown lip options, handing you the freedom to mix, match and create your custom lip shade. 

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RRP: £14.99

Current Price: £4.95

Colour(s): Pink Nude-Brown Nude lip options

Opacity: Medium

Finish: Satin


NYX Velvet Matte Lipstick 02 Beach Casual ‘Sand Nude’

Channel your inner 60’s spring chicness with a pale nude like ‘sand nude’. Worn best with red eyeshadow looks, pale toned eyeshadows and of course a cat eye. 

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RRP: £3.75

Colour: Warm Pale Nude

Opacity: Medium/Full

Finish: Velvet [Matte]


L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Lipstick – BALMAIN Limited Edition 647 ‘Urban Safari’

Embody the supermodel bombshell look with this exclusive and luxurious matte nude in collaboration with Balmain, designed by Olivier Rousting. (This is best worn with a lip liner to create more definition.) 

Click here to shop

RRP: £12.99

Current Price: £6.17

Colour: Pale Nude

Opacity: Medium-Full

Finish: Moisturising Matte

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Well, that is all for this curated spring nude lip edit! Be sure to let me know in the comments whether you liked some of the options I chose or even if you would like to see more curated lists of other makeup products like this. I am always open to suggestions 🙂

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