True match is undoubtably one of, if not the most definitive of all drugstore foundations. Growing up, I’d watch my mother smoothly apply her L’Oréal foundation in the early mornings. Her makeup routine always began by reaching for the L’Oréal bottle in her unbelievably clean makeup bag. Before all the overwhelming skin makeup options we have today, back in the day, L’Oréal was always that foundation women could depend on, and with good reason.

In this edit, I will be reviewing this ultimate classic. The L’Oréal True Match Foundation.

L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Foundation

Product’s Claims:

The new formula contains 3 new shade enhancers for shade matching precision. Skin perfecting pigments and the ultra gliding creamy texture gives a homogeneous finish. Even better colour matching, and more luminous and radiant skin than before. Even longer wear and better comfort. All you see is your skin at it’s best.


Texture & Finish: Satin

Out of all foundations I’ve used luxury, high-street & drugstore, this one is one of the best of all texture wise. What I love about it is that it’s more concentrated in pigment than it is full in texture, allowing you to have a nice and even canvas with a lightweight feel to it.

It’s finish is more satin than matte or glowy, meeting in the middle for those with oily or dry skin. I actually like this because I can decide if I want to look more natural or fully refined and matte. It’s like it mimics the natural texture of your skin in a more clean and polished way.

Coverage: Medium-buildable

I almost wanted to write that it was light in coverage, but that’s actually more in texture than in pigment. This foundation cleverly gives you the illusion of a more flawless skin as if the foundation is invisible. It is definitely buildable and can be reapplied over and over again, yet still keep its freshness on the skin.

I prefer this type of coverage as it values the true goal of making my skin look natural like my real skin but also polished and enhanced.

Best Application Method:

Apply about one full pump onto the back of your hand and take a buffing brush. Dot the foundation on areas where you would like to evenly distribute and blend then buff into the skin. This will give you a very airbrush like finish with an overall awake and brightened look.

Lasts Up To 10 Hours (maximum)

I have a combination-oily skin type and for a drugstore foundation, I have to say that it lasts a lot longer than I expect sometimes. Not to mention that this is without even priming using a matte product. I’ve worn this out from mall shopping to attending weddings with this foundation and (touch wood) this product hasn’t turned me into a disco ball in public. The most I’d do is re-apply my compact face powder here and there but that’s all.

Oily skin tip: It’s one of those foundations where if you powder it well, you’ll stay flawless throughout the day, and best of all – you won’t experience any foundation transfer to your clothes.


  • Beautiful range 23 shades (amazing undertones with a brightening effect)
  • Lightweight in texture and rarely transfers onto clothes
  • A wonderfully balanced formula that sets perfectly
  • The sleek design in a glass bottle protects and allows the foundation to last longer
  • Stunning coverage in a way that brightens your look
  • Silky in the application, perfect one-step formulation – no need to highlight separately
  • Bargain base rrp per 30ml. Good value for money


  • If not blended into the skin well, this could cause the foundation to not set nicely.
  • Shade range can be confusing, make sure you invest time in picking your ‘true match’.

Final thoughts

This is a foundation you can always go to if you’ve either ran out of your current one or things aren’t working out with a new one. It is going to do well by you and serve its purpose well, at an amazing price at that. In the midst of so many new foundation launches left, right and centre, it’s refreshing to know that L’Oréal decided to not only re-launch this amazing foundation but they also kept their formula simplicity with this foundation.

This was the very first foundation I tried out as an aspiring makeup artist, without much understanding that it was a product that could bring out your true beauty without being full coverage. I can nostalgically remember my mother and aunties chatting away about makeup and bringing up L’Oréal. It just delivers every time without some of the fuss some foundations bring, of which sometimes, that’s all you really need and want in a complexion foundation and simple makeup routine.

Price: £9.99

Shop the L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Foundation by clicking here.

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