Month: December 2018


Since my last blog post was a more laid back holiday look, I thought it would only be fair to publish my own rendition of the very ultimate but wearable, Christmas Day makeup look.

In all realness, It’s nothing more than a glittery eye and a dark plum lip. But I suppose an event like the winter holidays makes a look like this perfect for anyone to wear whether you’re a frequent makeup wearer or not. Another reason why I love makeup! It always has the ability to rise to any occasion, no matter what the mood is.

I added a bit of a late 20s element to the look by diffusing the black liner upon the outer edge of my eyes with eyeshadow. This made my eyes appear more wide and doe-eyed in contrast to the sharp dark lips.


Foundation – Primark My Perfect Color Foundation & L’Oréal Total Cover Foundation in ‘Cappuccino’

Concealer – L.A. Pro Concealer in ‘Cool Tan’

Bronzer – Sleek Contour Palette in ‘Medium’

Powder – RCMA No Colour Powder

Blush – NIP+FAB Contour Palette in ‘Dark’

Palette – Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

Mascara – Technic Lengthening

Lipstick – Illamasqua (in Growl which is now discontinued but they have now released similar shades you can find here.)

So Christmas is finally tomorrow and I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful and Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays wherever you are! I hope your day will be spent with love, joy and lots of your favourite foods lol.

Thank you all so much for stopping by The Belper!

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Hi, Everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well during this month’s festivities and preparations with your loved ones. This blog post is a makeup look that I think would be perfect for holiday parties without looking too overdone.

I took some inspiration from Rihanna’s 2017 Met Gala Look with an 80’s twist. Opting for bright/pale pinks (mixed in with my bronzer to suit my skin tone) applied and blended all over the eyes. I grazed the shadows right underneath the outer edge of my eyes on to the highest points of my cheekbones too to add depth (this step is highly optional).

I added slightly more bronzer than usual to compliment the red lips. During the winter season, my skin can look little dull with makeup on – so adding some orange based bronzer can really be great for anyone who may feel like their makeup can look a little greyish in undertone during the winter.

The face is really simple, given that I didn’t apply any concealer in this edit. It was unintentional at the time but when I look back at this makeup it appears more organic looking than if I had applied concealer. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask yourself if you really need concealer whilst you’re doing your makeup sometimes. In the beauty world I think, sometimes we can feel compelled to include all of the makeup ‘steps’ to complete a look – but that’s not really true at all. It all comes down to your judgement and what you think looks right to you at that moment. It’s a part of what makes the way you do your makeup your own creativity.

I finished with a very defined red lip, achieved with lip lining prior and after applying lipstick. I always like to keep a thin lip brush near to blend and apply just to have more control of the product I’m using.


  • Lipstick – Coloured Raine in ‘Cherry Blossom’ (similar here)
  • Lip liner – Black Pencil (applied faintly)

Hope you’ve all found some minimal festive makeup inspo from this look!

Be sure to let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.

I cannot believe we are less than one week away until Christmas Day! And although I am aware I’m getting older for this sort of thing, I suppose the one thing I’m looking forward to the most is just spending time with my family 🙂

I wanted to thank you all for being so patient with me this month! You’ve all been so wonderful to me this year whether it’s been by subscribing, commenting to even liking every one of my posts. Though this may seem like a small thing – I am super grateful for the response this blog has been getting lately. And I thank all of you, truly.

Happy Holidays!

Lots of love,


Happy December 1st, everyone! Party season is here and so I thought why not start of the festive looks with one that I have been obsessing over recently. A glitz glam smokey eye inspired by model, Bella Hadid created by makeup artist, Hung Vanngo.  

This look is quite dramatic although, something I liked about the eyes in particular was that it focuses on the depth and contrast of the outer edge – as opposed to a full, closed-off black smokey eye. It really gives you the opportunity to brighten up your eyes and create that jewel tone brightness effect with the sharp placements of shimmery silver eyeshadow.   

So, for anyone who’s not into black smokey eyes but would like to start incorporating more black eyeshadows into slightly dramatic looks, this is a great option to try out! All you’re doing is spending time on building and defining your eyes with black eyeshadow right onto the crease of your eyes, as if you’re expanding the width of eyeliner. This will make your eyes stand out and appear more feline. 

Since the shape of the eye look is very distinct and defined, I opted for a more flawless base and made sure to create a golden glow that complemented the cool-toned eyes with my skin tone. I used my trusty lip balm trick mixed in with a little bit of a coppery/golden highlighter from Sleek’s contour palette in Medium to achieve this result.  


Hope this look gives you some festive makeup inspo! Be sure to let me know in the comment section below what you think. Is this something you’d rock for an event like New Year’s Eve? Or would you rather prefer something like a classic smokey eye? I’m just curious 🙂

Random thought: I really can’t believe how close we are to the new year it’s just… lol but anyways.

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