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Today’s blog post is a makeup look which I must say, is a little experimental ^-^. For some reason, I’ve become obsessed with the colour green lately. Not a particular shade of green, anything green really (lol). It’s a colour I’ve been incorporating in makeup looks, my lifestyle and just deco overall – only subtly.

I felt like just adding small touches of green palettes here and there could not only make outfits, makeup looks and deco pop but also add some sort of refreshing texture for this spring. I’m here for working with bright colours/tones, and for this look, I’m going all out with green!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that for the past few weeks I’ve also been trying out bleached brows… Not actually bleached brows, but lighter brows filled in with light brown eyeshadows – combed out with a thin layer of my foundation or light brow gels. A lot of steps, yes, but I kind of like them – especially for dramatic looks!



A thin layer of foundation – Fenty Beauty Foundation in 440

Concealer – Fashion Fair (Full Coverage Soufflé Foundation) in Pure Brown

To brighten/clean up – Elizabeth Arden Foundation in Ivory 01 (with a very light hand)

Contour/bronze – Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Chestnut (hence I look quite bronzed lol)

Highlighter – Any Cream Highlighter perfectly does the job, mine is unfortunately discontinued. I like to apply mine with a fluffy blush brush for a diffused look.

Powder – Nip + Fab Contour Palette

The best powder for setting brightened areas! – L’Oréal True Match Powder


1. Any dark brown eyeshadow well blended into the socket line of the eye and up into the crease – I used Too Faced’s “Panther” eyeshadow from their Cat Eyes Edition Palette.

2. I actually used tape to align the sharpness of the eyeshadow + liner duo look. If you do consider this step, (which is not required) I’d advise only to put a small piece of tape on the back of your hand – gently remove it and repeat it twice again before using it as an eyeliner guide.

(Using tape enables you to achieve a sharp finish with your liner or eyeshadow. I only like to use this method for dramatic looks only.)

Green Eyeshadow

Palette – Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum Palette

3. I buffed in Hatter all over the lids to lay the main base colour down.

4. I then blended in Hundred + a dark brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of my eyes to also act as a base for the liner I was about to apply.

5. Next, came in Mean (a gorgeous shade 😩) applied with a pencil brush on the inner third of my eyes and bottom lash line. This step really brought out the contrast in my eyes!

6. The Liner (from Poundland) was focused on the outer corners of my eyes rather than covering up all the eyeshadow on the lids.

7. Mascara – Poundland


Since the eyes are bold, I really wanted to pale out the lips whilst still, keep them slightly defined.

Lipstick – Primark (not sure of which name, but it’s a pale/peachy pink – more on the nude side though.

+ lip balm for a slight sheen

Any eye colour will go beautifully well with these particular green eyeshadows. Bright, pigmented green eyeshadows also work incredibly well against dark brown eyes.

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