EYE LOOK: Green Lids

For this edit, I was very much inspired by the recent weather we’ve had here in the UK…….👀I’m not one to lean towards dark gloomy colours for day-to-day eyeshadows as It’s quite hard to pull off without looking dull. However, for a change I wanted to try a colour, I wouldn’t always go for, Green! (In this case dark green, but whatever) 😉

To ensure that this look would work for my skin tone, I bronzed up the skin (with Bobbi Brown’s Foundation stick used as a bronzer/contour) a little more than usual to add contrast against the eyes (a good tip for anyone who finds it tricky to work with cool toned eyeshadows) and purposely kept the brows straighter to modernise the eyes a bit.

Creating the eyeshadow look itself was quite interesting, I first buffed a dark green shadow on my eyelids then followed with a true green right on top only on my eyelid and finished with the dark green – sweeping out as if I’ve created a liner look. No transition shades, just green shadows. I didn’t expect to just leave the colour on the lids without adding a red or an orange shade to even out the look, I found this result quite refreshing.

I faintly lined my eyes black liquid liner to give off the illusion of thicker lashes and topped off with mascara. Now for the lips – I’ve found for me that when it comes to darker shadows, brown or even orange under-toned lip colours add life back into the makeup, just pulls the whole look together.

I’ve very much enjoyed experimenting with more ‘unusual’ colours for eyeshadow this autumn. Out of my comfort zone, but fun!

If you have any recommendations for different looks/colours to work with, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments 🙂

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