Behind The Scenes at Derby Theatre: with Costume Designer, Tim Heywood

I’m so thrilled to dedicate this blog post to one of my personal favourite processes of Derby Theatre productions. Pretty much the element that can always pull a show together, that breathes life into characters’ looks; Costume. Here at Derby Theatre, we've had the chance to catch a glimpse of Derby Theatre’s Head of Wardrobe,… Continue reading Behind The Scenes at Derby Theatre: with Costume Designer, Tim Heywood


EYE LOOK: Green Lids

For this edit, I was very much inspired by the recent weather we’ve had here in the UK.......👀I’m not one to lean towards dark gloomy colours for day-to-day eyeshadows as It’s quite hard to pull off without looking dull. However, for a change I wanted to try a colour, I wouldn’t always go for, Green!… Continue reading EYE LOOK: Green Lids

Essentials EDIT: The Pinned Blazer Look

My newest and most favourite essential atm has to be this very oversized blazer I recently thrifted. So oversized to the point that I had to pin the blazer with my seahorse broach (also thrifted) to give somewhat of an asymmetrical shape. This houndstooth blazer is actually a men’s blazer, but because of how oversized… Continue reading Essentials EDIT: The Pinned Blazer Look