Month: June 2017



Welcome to The Belper. A Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog including wellbeing chit chat, recipe ideas to clothing hauls, outfits and looks from everywhere and anywhere pulled together in my statement personal style. The Belper is my escape that I use to share all the things I love by embracing the importance of dressing and living to my own choosing doing so with confidence and grace. Taking inspiration from the world around me and the world at large through the wonderful world wide web. I’m also inspired by my Mother, women and men of all ages who walk the streets in outfits filled with personality and charm, to the fashionable dog walkers, the beautiful houses and amazing architecture surrounding me of which I’m extremely lucky to wake up to every morning, the quaint shops, nature parks, museums, thrift stores and so much more. On a side note, I’m also a huge lover of vintage coats. 

I have yet a long lifestyle evolution to experience and sharing my journey with fellow readers is what this blog is and will continue to be about. 





My Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle

It’s easy to lose track of your weight and fall of the grid subconsciously – I experienced weight gain and frequent headaches, the unhealthy foods I’d put in my body began to show all throughout my skin. I felt awful, probably the hardest thing I had to acknowledge was that this unlimited unhealthy diet I was pursuing was affecting me mentally. I would stay indoors for as much as possible and when I’d go out I’d wear the baggiest clothes I could find (not the stylish kind), knowing I wasn’t happy with my body nor myself in general. This small problem only grew bigger, it was either to find a solution or don’t move on at all. I am quite a determined person generally, so going through such a slow process was hard but yet eye opening. The thought of that only made me want to become a better version of myself, though I didn’t know where to start.

So I started blogging, which gradually gave me more confidence in my appearance and encouraged me to get out more and enjoy life more. Despite my new found happiness, I had a bloating problem which I struggled to get rid of. That is until I heard about @skinnycoffeeclub I’ve been drinking this coffee consistently for 2 weeks and I have to say I’ve had exceptional results. It was my first time trying out a 28-Day programme, however, it did not just help define, tone my body and revive me each morning- it also helped me mentally maintain a healthier routine in my lifestyle.

It’s infused with health properties such as green tea and ginseng, I’m basically getting the best of both worlds by drinking this coffee.

This has become such a must-have in my daily routine, the perfect essential towards my body goals this summer!

So to anyone who’s a body goal getter and a coffee lover, I highly recommend this to you!



Happy Friday!

For today’s look, I worked with pink hues and undertones to give me a subtle rosy glow!

 On the eyes, I dusted Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance’s  “Buon Fresco” and “Love Letter” on the lids, applied a thin wing to elongate my eyes and topped off with Bourjois Paris Queen Attitude Mascara.

For the cheeks, I bronzed and blushed with the Sleek Bronze Block Compact and highlighted with my favourite combo, ABH’s “Vermeer” and “Primavera” eyeshadows.

Quick Tip: To achieve a more sunkissed glow, I always like to apply a little bit of the blusher I’m wearing lightly on the bridge of my nose.